Paint Touch Ups

Paint Touch Ups are a fast and cost-effective way to remove paint stone chips and improve the overall appearance of your vehicle while protecting against rust. Pedlers completes quality Car Paint Repairs, such as Paint Touch Ups, with fast, accurate and reliable colour matching and paint application skill. With over 15 years’ trade experience as an Automotive Spray Painter, our Technician repairs car paint with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you would like to see our work and results, check out our YouTube Channel ‘Pedlers’ to see our Auto Paint Repair work on luxury vehicles, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Jaguar.


Small Paint Repairs and Paint Blending

Beyond simple Paint Touch Ups, Pedlers’ qualified Automotive Spray Painter can complete larger Paint Repairs onsite at your home or business. Our Mobile Paint Repairs completed with experienced paint blending techniques can offer a money saving alternative to painting full car panels on your vehicle.


Bumper Bar Repairs and Specialised Body Filler Repairs

If you have a Dented Bumper Bar, Pedlers can help. Plastic Bumper Repairs can require the use of Automotive Body Fillers to recreate the original shape and form of the Damaged Bumper Bar. Scratched Bumpers and Scuffed Bumpers will look brand new after being reshaped, filled (only if necessary) and painted. Scraped Bumpers with even the most complex body shapes and panel contours return to a factory finish with our process.


Scratch Removal with Cut and Polish

Scratched Paint reduces and value and appearance of your vehicle. Pedlers custom approach to removing car scratches delivers results with shallow and minor car scratches, right through to deeper and larger car paint scratches. However, results will vary depending on the location and depth of the paint scratch.


Headlight (Lens) Restoration

Smokey, Cloudy, Faded, Stained or Scratched Headlights can be difficult to repair. Pedlers employ the use of our custom Cut and Polish Techniques, to restore your Headlight Lens to a factory finish. Headlight Restoration removes the light of dull and yellowing headlights, leaving your headlight lens bright and shining, and safer for use on the open road.


Full Panel Paint Repairs

Pedlers’ fully qualified Automotive Spray Painter can complete car paint repairs on full car panels too. Our custom Paint Colour Matching Process is second to none, and we have a full customer satisfaction guarantee on all work completed. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube Channel or Facebook Page to see video samples of our work. If you like what you see, ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you never miss our entertaining uploads. 




We are so confident in our service and products that we guarantee your satisfaction and provide a 2 year warranty on all paint repairs.

Environmental Statement

All paint repairs are carried out in a professional grade spray booth equipped with adequate filtration to ensure little-to-no environmental impact. At Pedlers Dent Repair, we care about the environment and have implemented strict environmental procedures including disposing of used product.

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Paint Repairs

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Paint Repairs 2

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Brush Touch

Brush Touch

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Brush Touch

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