Car Scratch Repair

Pedlers Dent Repair offer many additional services, one of which is car scratch repair.

With years of experience in auto body repair, our technician is an expert at scratch and dent repair. Pedlers use fine sanding, buffing and polishing as a tried and tested auto paint scratch remover process.

If the scratch has not penetrated through the top layer of paint (i.e. the 'clear-coat'), there is a very good chance it can be sanded and buffed out in a matter of minutes, leaving no trace.

This is the preferred method for scratch removal in car scratch repair as it is quick and easy, and does not require painting.

If, however, the paint scratch has reached the base layer of auto paint, the scratch will need painting, if only a 'touch-up'.

Buffing and polishing can improve the appearance of these deep scratches, but does not result in a perfect finish.

Although Pedlers focus on scratch and dent repair, we cannot paint scratches as we are a 'paintless' service.

Examples of scratches we CAN repair are;

• Minor key scratches

• Minor scrapes from tree branches

• Scratches from Pets and children.

*See photos below for examples of Pedlers' Scratch Removal work.

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