Paint Protection by Pedlers.

Paint Protection extends the life of your car's paintwork. If you value the new car appearance of your vehicle, Paint Protection should not be overlooked.

Once applied, Paint Protection can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of your vehicle, saving your car's paintwork from;

- staining,

- marks,

- UV Damage (faded paint),

- acidic substances eating paint away (e.g. bird droppings)

- and minor scratches.

Using the Highest Quality Products applied by a trained professional, Pedlers guarantee the effectiveness of their Paint Protection for 6 months.

After the application of Paint Protection you must be aware that washing your vehicle with detergents and other cleaning products can remove or decrease the effectiveness of the Paint Protection layer.

It is essential to follow the care instructions provided with the application, and follow-up with further applications of the product when it is due.

Paint Protection with Pedlers Dent Repair will not cost you the Earth, this makes the necessary follow-up applications affordable and the Paint Protection that much more effective.

Please note, it is often necessary to Buff & Polish the vehicle before the application of Paint Protection to ensure the best results and a lasting effect.

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