Auto Body Repair Estimates
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Do you have a dent or scratches and would like a free quote?

If you have car body damage such as a small or large dent or minor scratch, and would like an auto repair estimate (quote), there are several ways to contact us for a fast response;

1. Mobile Phone: 0424-848-264

Our Expert Dent Technician, Shane, is always contactable via the mobile phone number provided on the right-hand side of this page and all pages of this site.

If your phone has the capacity to take photos, sending them to Shane via a text message is a quick and convenient way to get a quote for your auto body damage.

2. Email:

We check our email constantly, so sending your quote request via email is a great option if you do not have a camera phone option.

When contacting Pedlers Dent Repair for a Quote, supplying a few details about the vehicle and damage along with some photos can really help us in giving you an accurate auto repair estimate.

Photo Guidelines

When taking a photo of a dent or scratch, it is best to get as much detail as possible, 3 photos is best;

1. Take one from a 45 degree angle to the left of the dent, approximately 1 meter distance from car.

2. Take the next photo from the right side at same angle and distance.

3. Take the last photo directly in front of the dent (perpendicular to the panel) at the same distance (1 meter).

Helpful Information you can supply includes;

1. Description of the location of the damage (e.g. centre of bonnet, or top, left of drivers' side door.)

2. Make, model and colour of the vehicle (e.g. 2007 Holden Commodore, Dark Blue Sedan)

3. Provide rough dimensions of the damage (i.e. height, width, and length). The use of common comparisons is useful (e.g. the dent is the size of a 10c piece and is quite deep; or the dent is the size of a basketball and quite shallow).

4. Describing the cause of the damage can also be helpful in giving an accurate estimate - if known.

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