Bring your Paintwork back to life with
Buffing and Polishing.

Does your vehicle suffer from faded, scratched, stained or marked paint? Would you like to renew the look of your car for your own pleasure or for an upcoming sale?

Buffing and Polishing can revitalise your car's paintwork, saving you the cost of automotive spray-painting the panel, or even the whole car. A full auto-paint re-spray costs thousands of dollars, a 'buff & polish' with Pedlers Dent Repair will cost merely hundreds.

The process of buffing and polishing involves several steps;

1. Clean the vehicle to ensure there is not dust or dirt on the panels that could cause further scratching during the buffing process.

2. Locate and 'Mask-off' (masking tape is used to cover and protect surfaces) any parts of the car that could be damaged by the buff, such as black door moulds and 4WD snorkels, etc.

3. A hand-held, multi-speed, electric buff is then used to gradually remove surface imperfections over every panel on the vehicle.

4. Once the buffing process is complete, all panels are washed and cleaned thoroughly before application of a specialised auto-body polish.

5. The polish is worked into the car body by hand or machine, giving the paint the glossy factory-finish of a showroom floor.

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